What is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage uses many of the techniques of traditional massage therapy and adapts them to the strains and stress of the body for a woman that is pregnant. During a traditional massage, the patient may spend most of the time face down on a massage table, whereas with prenatal massage the patient is on their side with special cushioning and draping to make the patient comfortable. 

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Benefits of Prenatal Massage
While every pregnancy is unique, the changes to the body as a baby grows often cause discomfort. A prenatal massage can help relieve some of these symptoms along with other benefits for the expecting parent. Some benefits may be:
  • Pain Relief

  • Reduced Swelling

  • Better Sleep

  • Regulate Hormone Levels

  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction

  • Improved Blood Circulation

  • Improved Labour Outcomes

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Prenatal Massage Pricing

60 mins- $100



 As with any new therapy, consult your doctor or midwife before starting a new treatment. Use extra caution if you have a high-risk or complicated pregnancy, including: Increased risk of pre-term labor, Preeclampsia or high blood pressure, Blood clots or a clotting disorder, Problems with your placenta, such as placenta previa.

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