Is chronic pain ruling your life?
Take control of your healing with a holistic assessment and customized treatment plan that meets you where you are.
Our Philosphy
Our aim as a healthcare practice is to aid clients towards a greater awareness of what optimal health means to them.

Acupuncture and Traditional Medicines have the ability to heal on many levels and the journey towards health is unique for every individual. It is our hope that through education, a supportive environment and an open mind, that every client will find new growth in his or her life.

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Our Team Of Service Providers

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Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Wood. .
When all five elements are in balance, health and harmony reign. If one energy becomes dominant the energy is gradually drained from the other elements, disrupting the balance.
Professional, organized, knowledgeable and welcoming.
A very talented group of gals working here and a very nice office and treatment rooms. Felt welcoming, relaxing, and therapeutic. Will definitely go back.

- JP

The entire team here is dedicated to your health and well being.
What I love the most is that the various providers here all work together toward a common goal using a similar philosophy. It's wonderful to leave here feeling better than when I arrived.

- DB

Wellness starts within. Allow us to guide you to become the best version of yourself.

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