Jennifer Larsen has been practicing Chinese Medicine therapies for over 14 years and brings several areas of expertise to her practice.

She addresses emotional wellbeing, stress, anxiety, digestive complaints, acute and chronic pain management and respiratory health problems, from a holistic perspective.

Her practice has an integrative approach that weaves together a variety of modalities including:
Acupuncture, Massage, Electro-stimulation, Cupping, Moxibustion, Diet Therapy, Reiki and Sound Healing.

From her education and experience, she believes, that applying the timeless philosophies of Chinese Medicine will help nourish life and preserve health.

Jennifer knows the power of educating her patients on the benefits of preventative care. She guides her clients through their own healing journeys — enabling them to live not only healthy, but harmonious lives.

While her clinical work is geared towards acute and chronic pain, stress management, and emotional/spiritual well being, Jennifer is especially interested in tapping into the mind/body connection. Her goal is to facilitate healing based on individualized treatment of physical injuries along with emotional stressors.

Beyond her life as an Acupuncturist, Jennifer has a passion for the environment, soul growth and outdoor adventure. She is inspired by nature, all things active, inner reflection, and connecting to her highest truth. Jennifer spends her time connecting to the land, journeying, growing food, practicing yoga, and mountain biking. She continues to expand her knowledge and awareness, and loves working as a healer, acupuncturist, guide and self-proclaimed PhD scholar (Professional Hugging Degree).

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